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Shop Forgecraft Jewlery for chain necklaces and necklace chains. Browse necklaces for any style or occasion. Take a look at everything you need to get started, whether you want a simple chain or bling you can see from space. You can wear dog tags without getting arrested if you choose the right chain length. Make sure the necklace is attention-grabbing. Would you prefer a simple steel chain necklace with a cross pendant or an outrageously thick gold chain necklace? How will you wear it? Will you wear it over your shirt or underneath it? Knowing this helps you decide on tIf worn over a basic T-shirt, a chain necklace with a Thor's Hammer pendant adds style, while a 2mm gold-tone steel chain peeks out from under a button-down shirt.a button-down shirt. When it comes to summer, waxed cotton cord is ideal for going for drinks at night and hanging out at the pool.

50 cm (20 inches) is the average length for men's chains. When worn inside or outside a shirt, this falls between the two top buttons. Ideally, you should wear your pendant necklace between 55-63 cm (22-25") so that the pendant finishes mid-chest. The width of 2-6 mm is a good starting point if you just want a chain (and aren't looking for a statement necklace). If you decide to add a pendant, make sure it fits the chain and isn't overpowered by its thickness. Shop for chunky gold chains that are 12 mm or wider if you want a blingy chain necklace. In other words, don't buy a 35 cm (14") chain with a 12 mm width since they go hand in hand.

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