Collection: Men's Bracelets

Shop our wide selection of men's bracelets, leather bracelets, onyx bracelets & more at Forgecraft. FREE Shipping & Returns. 

Browse our collection of contemporary bracelets available in a variety of styles and colors including cuffs, chains, and bangles with beads, sterling silver, and more. The number of men wearing jewellery has increased exponentially in recent years, be it Harry Styles wearing a single pearl earring (and wearing a Gucci ring on his finger) at the Met Gala, the iconic chain of Paul Mescal in Normal People, or Shawn Mendes showing men everywhere that they need to buy a bracelet for men. 

TMen's Braceletshere are many men's bracelets available, but finding one that truly elevates your outfit can be challenging. Choosing the right metal color is the most important thing to consider before investing. Your bracelet should complement your watch, whether it is an all-out silver or gold bracelet or the increasingly popular hardware that adorns leather bracelets. 

We are here to guide you on where and what to buy based on this knowledge. From pieces inspired by Daniel Lee's creations at Bottega Veneta to unapologetically attention-grabbing steel bracelets, we've tried to select timeless styles and designs and peerless metal and smithing quality to bring you a selection of the best bracelets out there right now.

Does Forgecraft sell men's bracelets gold?

Forgecraft sells gold bracelets as well as bracelets in leather, steel, silver, and more! Whatever metal or fiber you're looking for, you can find it here.

Do you carry many versions of men's bracelets silver?

Yes, we carry many different kinds of silver bracelets, including silver plate bracelets and colored bracelets in silver-toned steel. 

Do you offer men's bracelets beads?

Forgecraft Jewelry does not offer specific bracelet beads or bracelet charms for men's jewelry, in part because we design each bracelet to be its own specific look. If you would like to comission custom work, please feel free to send us an email.


Every product is forged to last, of high-quality metals which resist the dirt, grime, sweat, and water damages which make cheaper products discolor, rust, and break.